Edelman Samples

These two examples have been reviewed by HCFmedia:

Based on this review and the new April 27th deadline date, we are confident we can successfully deliver a project that hits the mark. That said, the budget as described will be challenging for 4 deliverables – and is something we need to discuss, especially since we will also be providing all creative.

Two samples that are similar to these projects are found here:


Sample #1: EVA – Less Expensive Option

The characters and environment are relatively simple with no fancy or complicated movements.


Sample #2: Kids Choose – More Expensive Option

More complicated animation style. Multiple characters with different environment and more sophisticated animated techniques,such mouth and eyes movements, rotating body etc.


Thanks for your interest in HCFmedia. Together, I’m sure we can figure out a gameplan that works.

Contact max@hcfmedia.com to get this rolling.