Digital Kitchen Shows Us What It’s All ‘Bout

The other night Chris Donaldson and I had the sublime honor, thanks to the good people at AAF Seattle, of sitting in a room with Bill Fritsch who runs Digital Kitchen and a number of other people from the new media world tell us about how things work these days in advertising. What was great in my mind was that Bill was quick to point out something we've been saying all along – that the way you get to people in through their heart. 

Here's a piece to add to the pile of the "Things We Wished We Shot" for Sierra Nevada that they did. They were tasked with telling the story of Sierra Nevada, but what they wound up doing instead was really giving a feeling of what is like to BE Sierra Nevada. What kind of stuff do their people do? What inspires them that ostensibly has nothing to do with beer? What is their environment? Forget the product itself – what is beneath the product? What is the essence of the product. It's "Tearing your lid off your logo" as we like to say – squared. 

Note how they use all kinds of different footage, old and new, stock, etc. And then they go out and shoot this really beautiful footage of stuff that is completely out sync with what you'd expect. Expertly woven together in the edit, and supported by a really meaningful soundtrack that evokes the ethos of the area.

Bill – I'm glad to see you put your money where your mouth is. I gotta admit, a lot of the panelists in that room that night, after looking at their stuff, I didn't feel – just more new media blah, blah – but this bowled me over. This is something I just don't see how social media can do – I know it can share it, but you need this stuff as the engine. Bravo! And, thank you – for entertaining me!

Oh, and here's a little piece for SuperFeet that we did where I'm pretty sure we may have "borrowed" a few of DK's stylistic ideas. Consider it an homage!


Author: Max Kaiser