Corporate Video Production

Corporate Production

Make the right video and connect with the right audiences, right now.

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Main Street meets Hollywood.

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Filmmakers First

We Know Corporate

At HCFmedia, we’ve created hundreds of corporate media films for every sector from healthcare to financial to product retailers. We are experts at working with your marketing team to help craft the perfect message to connect with your audiences. We’ve learned how to work on tight budgets to make exceptional products that make you care. We work with you to come up with ideas that are clever, but not impossible to produce. We figure out every single place we can save money – without cutting corners that would ultimately undermine your production.

The Right Gear

The Right Gear

HCFmedia shoots the majority of our productions on Sony FS7 and A7 cameras. These cameras are capable of very high resolutions (perfect for future proofing for 4K), very high speeds, and creating very clear imagery. We back this up with a full arsenal of production support, motion stabilizers, jibs, dollies, and remote viewing apparatus. The end result is we have the gear necessary to make your film simply beautiful.


We Keep it On Track

The other trick we’ve got – great systems. Great production systems, including our own proprietary project management software, allow us to produce with faster turnarounds, less overhead, and smaller crews than other production companies would dream of. Each project gets its own producer to keep the logistics of the project rolling smoothly, and help keep your team on track. We KNOW that film isn’t what you do, so we help you along every step of the way to better understand production, to know exactly what the costs are, and give you a crystal clear idea of what you’ll be getting in the end.

The Right Plan

The Right Plan

Although we never started out to be new media experts, we’ve placed so many productions over the years that we’ve come to have a very solid understanding of the best ways to get the biggest audiences for your films. We have an innate understanding of what moves viewers to click, and to engage, and finally to convert. We consult with you at every step of your production journey to make sure that your film matches your ultimate end-medium and that you’ll be able to connect with as many people as possible.

Metrics and Data


If it’s not tracked, did it happen?

We know everyone is clamoring like never before for metrics. We can provide you with tracking for your productions throughout almost all web mediums, presented to you in easy to follow, and easy to share,  graphs and charts. These metrics can be integrated with your sales systems to take the power of your creative work to the highest level – conversion.

Output your project in ways you never imagined.

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