Chipotle to make it’s own TV Show

In the on going battle to bring marketing that is more “content-driven” companies like Chipotle have recently announced that they’ll actually be making full-fledged TV shows. “Farmed and Dangerous” will appear next to regular programming (and be promoted as such) on Hulu in the next week.

See the full article here:

Such a move isn’t unusual for Chipotle who has moved away from traditional in the past years, and racked up over 20 million views of their online work.

The trailer looks pretty funny, and certainly well made (supposedly about $250k/eposide). We’re looking forward to doing a lot more “branded content” ourselves over here at HCFmedia this year! It’s a great alternative to classic :30’s in today’s DVR-mad world! Plus – they’re a lot of fun to do!


Author: Max Kaiser