You Don’t Need a Video… You Need a Great Video

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” -Benjamin Franklin

We’ve all seen some pretty gnarly DIY videos. Here are a couple of classic examples of what I’m talking about:

These videos trigger a good chuckle, but are lacking in clarity, quality, and specialization. You can cause damage with a bad video. In fact, 62% of consumers will have a negative image of a brand if the video they publish is bad quality.

When making a video for your business or organization, know where you excel and where you fall short. You don’t need a video. You need a great video.

Balance DIY with professional video.

You may be a marketing guru, editing expert, or writing extraordinaire. If your video has low quality footage— the bones of the operation— your efforts might as well go down the drain. When it comes to high quality footage there is no compromising.

To make a video that represents your business or organization you MUST have a clear goal, target audience, and message. Start here. Do all the back work that you can— reading, target audience research, focus groups, branding exercises, etc. Find examples of video campaigns you’d like to emulate.

The balancing act begins by gathering the resources you already have on hand. Do you have a marketing specialist? Writing or editing skills? Anyone on your team have any experience with video? These are all important first questions.

Cover the bases you can cover— well.

For example, you may not know how to work a RED Epic camera but you might have a video editing software and enough know how with it to get in on the editing. This means you might want to hire a crew to shoot high quality footage but edit the content yourself to create those masterpieces you’ve been thinking about for the past year.

Another way you might want to take the reigns is with the distribution strategy. This part of your video campaign is equally as important as the creation process because if no one sees your video, how will you attain your goals? If you have a marketing specialist at your fingertips you might just want to incur the distribution and metrics reporting process for your campaign.

If you got it, work it. If you don’t… don’t!

When making a video leverage your best abilities, outsource your worst, and remember that everything you do leaves an impression.

Time is money. Often, the time it takes to learn something is more valuable than the cost of outsourcing, not to mention the lasting effects of poor quality and a negative image. Balance DIY with professional video footage and raise the bar for your next video campaign.

You don’t just need a video— you need a great video.

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