Why Make a Recruitment Video

46% of HR pros list employee retention as their top challenge (source).

What makes workers quit? Why does this matter for a recruitment video?

If you read our white paper talking about recruiting, you would know the value and the how to for finding quality employees.

Like quality leads in the business world, quality employees are not motivated by the benefits that your company provides. They genuinely feel empathetic to your aspirations. They want to see your business succeed. In other words, your values match.

Often, high turnover rates can be avoided by strategically seeking out employees with intrinsic motivation. The key to finding this type of employee is targeting.

In a world filled with endless options, sorting through every resume from a stack with no back bone is timely and ineffective.

What if you could attract the type of employee you are seeking?

Attracting the employees you want on your team is essential. You don’t have to convince them to do good work for your company because they actually want to be there. In fact, they made a decision to seek you out. Your personalized, targeted story pulled them in.

If you can show someone the value of your business instead of telling them, you allow them to come to conclusions themselves— which is very powerful. This method also acts as a filter to sort through those that are not interested in your businesses core goals and values. And let’s face it, when all the resumes look good, we don’t want to accidentally hire the employees that don’t really find value in the work we provide.

People love to talk about themselves. We are all self-interested at heart, therefore when a piece of content connects in a way that is personal, it strikes a chord making sure your audience is definitely paying attention.

Say you are a large company that makes laptops and tablets. You are having an issue with retaining quality developers. You know they are out there but you don’t know where to look or how to get them on your team. Your current staff is having to work overtime to make up for the employees that have left.

Your past approach did not use video. It was an ad made by administrators talking about the perks and benefits of working for your company, like the modern work space, gym membership, weekly happy hours, etc. The ad was broad, speaking to many kinds of potential employees. After the ad was made the distribution process was streamlined to a wide audience in hope to attract as many responses as possible.

The ad received many responses and you hired someone with a resume to fit the description, but once again the employee did not last nor produce the results with the attitude you were hoping for. Many of the candidates you interviewed did seem excited, in fact their faces lit up when you spoke about the perks that came with working for your company.

Here is where you went wrong: you focused on the company benefits instead of the aspirations with zero targeting, vision or story.

A relatable story sends a message that connects. The candidate should be able to visualize working for your company. You want the candidate to fill a specific pair of shoes, right? You have to show them the shoes. You have to show them someone like them, wearing the shoes. Do not talk at them, instead have those they will be working with for years to come share genuine experience around the work— not the benefits. Attract those in it for the pleasure of a fulfilling job.

If you can do this, you can put an end to the almost endless stream of ill-motivated job applications. Then, have a chance to focus on the smaller stack of valuable candidates applying for a chance to move your company forward and upward.

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