Unexpected Ways to Use Video

We’re finding new ways to use video everyday with new trends popping up left and right. Using video in unexpected ways can set you apart from the rest. Get inspired with these unexpected ways to use video.

Customer Service

Eliminate the ‘faceless’ corporation problem with warm and inviting customer service videos. Instead of a help forum filled with text, break it up with some helpful videos. Answer frequently asked questions through a video or record a webinar on a complex topic. When people are already looking for a solution to their problem brighten up the process with a smiling face. Some companies like American Express have taken things even further by offering live video chats with customer service representatives.  

Turn Your Videos Into Animated GIFs

Turn your video into a GIF. Short and flashy, a GIF grabs attention in bite-size portions. Where you would normally use your video or static image, replace it with a GIF. The best part is that you can take a portion of a video you already have and turn that section into a GIF. There is even a free GIF converter online you can utilize. You can throw these in anywhere. We use ours on our site, as ads, or in emails. Here is an example:

Unsubscribe Response

We’ve all read the stats. Using ‘video’ in the subject line of an email increases email open rates by 20%. What if we used video to engage with unsubscribers? Groupon used video as a way to connect with those that go for the dreaded ‘unsubscribe.’ They saw great results with many unsubscribers turning around and resubscribing after watching the video. A bit of an older example, but the moral is: It always pays off to leave a good last impression and who knows, you may get someone who changes their mind.

Internal Communication

Les Schwab came to us with a unique request. They needed a video to explain company wide changes to share with everyone within the organization. The video was for internal communication and is not posted publicly but the value was inherent. They were able to use video to clarify various new elements and procedures to all different types of positions throughout the company.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding new ways to use video. Get creating!

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