The Facebook Feature Your Business Should be Utilizing

When it comes to social, the results of a well done video campaign can carry a business’s profits for a quarter, half a year, even a whole year. And audiences are watching the videos that pop up on their feeds. In fact, Facebook statistics say users watch approximately 8 billion videos per day. (Source)

This is a question we hear a lot: “But, once I make the video, am I all done?”

Ahh, if it were that easy.

Distribution is equally as important as the content you create. Ideally, you’ve been thinking about your audience through the creative and production processes. Now you need to think about where your audience hangs out online. And really you should be thinking about this from the get go. You want to tailor your distribution strategy to ensure you reach the right person. Think personal. Each platform is unique. Use this to your advantage. They all have tools to help you target and distribute to the best of your ability.

And then create your content to match the place where it will ultimately land. Know your audience, so you can meet them right where they live.

For example, Facebook has a targeting platform that can really dial it in for you. 

It allows you to narrow your audience down by location, gender, age, interests— even the interests have subcategories.

It goes further. You can create custom audiences using other factors like email lists, contact information, site traffic data, app data, and more.

Facebook’s Lookalike feature allows you to target audiences that are similar to yours but are not actual followers. You create a Lookalike audience that you can modify to be less or more specific. You can use one of your email lists, upload it, then create a much larger new audience from this list using the Lookalike feature. This takes the guessing out of targeting. You get to easily utilize Facebook’s target algorithm— for free!

You can also layer and combine based on other factors like income, family size, marital status, etc. Pretty cool, huh?

After you’ve figured out your audiences you’ll want to focus on best times and frequency to post. The best way to do this is to test and report. The results may surprise you. And remember, each platform requires something different. No good video strategy was built in a day. Why not take a small bite of the apple and see where it leads?

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