The “About Us” Video is Dead

Making an “About Us” video has been bread and butter for corporate video companies for years. It makes sense, you want to let the world know who you are and someone in your organization says “let’s make a video”. So you hire a production company, tell them everything about yourself, and they come in and make you a video – a great one if you’re lucky. And, you post it on the front page of your website and you’re done!

That age has passed. If you really want to generate strong ROI from your video, if you really want it to convert, you need to make specialized videos that speak directly and with an “in-the-know” approach to very specific audiences with very specific problems. Couple this approach with the ability of social media to microscopically target your audiences and suddenly you have an extremely powerful tool for potential conversion in your arsenal.

Let me use this example of why specialization works above and beyond generalization from a recent homeowner experience I had.

My wife and I found out we had rodents in the basement. She wanted them out!! I wanted to meet them. Well, she won. So we looked up some different companies for crawl space clean out.

On the one hand, there was the general contractor that said – “yeah, I do crawlspaces, that’s easy – no problem – done tons.” And then you have the company that SPECIALIZES in crawl spaces. Who has a website dedicated to crawlspace cleanup with pictures, testimonies, and a video or two. Sure they cost $500 more than the general, but guess which one we (and probably everyone else) went with. When you need it done – you need it done right, by people that know what they are doing.

Same for your company. You probably offer a myriad of different services or products under one umbrella of “consulting” or “manufacturing.” So you try to make a video that “generally” covers all of these. Big mistake. This will land on social like load of bricks going nowhere because it will be impossible to target. BUT – if you actually make a highly specialized video for EACH of your offerings that speaks directly to audiences that know what you’re talking about, suddenly you can tap into micro-targeting on Facebook and YouTube pre-roll. Then, you’ll be making connections like crazy.

People LOVE to see things in their feed which relate directly to what they do – not sort of to what they do. And, here’s the kicker – make the videos longer! Yes, if you target them correctly, people will watch a video 3x longer in their feed than if it is something that only relates in a tertiary way to them.

More to come including a case study on what we did for Amazon in specialization that REALLY change the game for them!


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