Taking a Basic Profile Video To a Higher Level

Recently, the agency “Slack and Co.” of Chicago hired HCFmedia to produce another installment of their Society of Actuary (SOA) case study videos. The video is, at heart, a basic profile video. It simply showcases the career path of an actuary for the benefit of those considering becoming an actuary. However, Slack & Co. wanted to produce something that would stand out and show the high level of quality and integrity of the SOA organization. Hence, they asked us “upgrade” a number of different aspects of the video.

The video is a perfect example of how you can take your basic profile video to a much higher level with a few simple changes. Here are a few:

    • We heavily storyboarded and scouted the story. We visited all of the locations from the shoot beforehand, made up a very detailed picture-based storyboard, and really structured each shot – even the drone shots.
    • We worked closely with the agency to develop a very strong script.
  • We shot on RED to give us the greatest control over the finished image.
  • We added stock-footage (things like the footage of Indiana) to make the piece feel “bigger”.
  • We made sure to shoot in visually interesting areas of Seattle that are often not used.
  • We added slight touches to the text (like slight reveals behind things) to add interest and dimension.
  • We added slight dolly movement to the interviews.

Again, we couldn’t have done it without the amazing people at the Slack & Co. agency – they did most of the heavy lifting in terms of getting the story just right – we just made it look amazing!

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