Product Videos: 3 Unique Examples

There is almost nothing more valuable than clearly expressing the purpose of your product or service to potential customers. Further, this means showing why what you have to offer is going to benefit your audience. This is especially important if you have a new or complex offering. Gaining a customer is sometimes as easy as providing a good explanation.

There are many ways to create your product video. Below are three different approaches HCFmedia has taken to help clients explain their offerings.

Story with Rover

In this example, Rover uses a short narrative to explain their company offering. They even do it from the perspective of Wiley, Adam’s best friend and dog. Everyone loves a cute pup, plus the story is easy to follow. When telling your story you want to make sure to highlight the problem that needs a fix and the solution that you provide. Rover, now the nation’s largest reliable network of pet sitters, uses their site and app to easily connect local pet sitters and owners. In this video they highlight the problem all pet owners share– travel accommodations. Then they quickly provide a solution. To best engage with your audience make sure to keep your story short and add a bit of personality!

Customer Footage with CAMSS

This is a classic representation of a product video. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It needs to be clear, concise, and aimed at a specific audience. The last point here is often overlooked. Make sure you know your audience. CAMSS is aimed towards military personnel. The message conveyed expresses the quality and ease of setup of their tents. They even use real footage from others that have successfully used their product in the past. Don’t let the lack of quality footage in this section throw you— this shows the authenticity of the example. Plus the rest of the video is sharp with high definition resolution and sound. Simple and to-the-point, CAMSS uses a clear knowledge of their target audience in their product video.

Focus on Benefits with CoreWerks

With a focus on features and benefits, CoreWerks uses video combined with motion graphics to explain their product. The video is simply crafted using only a single actress and voice over, as well as a green screen for backdrop. The audience connects when the video hits on the well known feeling of back pain many office workers experience from sitting in uncomfortable chairs all day. Motion graphics highlight the most important benefits of the chair. Using a combination of video and graphics can be a good way to keep viewers engaged especially when using a simple video model.

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