Is Your Company Right for Video?

We’ve worked with many different types of businesses over the years – everything from healthcare services, to construction, to wholesale carpet retailers. We’ve made videos for them all.

Often, a company comes to us saying that video won’t work for them because their product offering is “too complex”.

Here are some ways to express a complex corporate offering in video:

Successful corporate videos incorporate clear messaging, attention to the details, and customer focus. For example, if you look at Adion Systems, a machine shop software company, they took a simple approach even though their product is quiet complex. They used motion graphics and close-up details of system components to clearly explain and support their product offerings. Adion also added customer testimony to give it authenticity.

“It demonstrates that we are professional in all that we do, gives a great first impression and definitely makes them eager to learn more about our product. It gives those companies an idea of what our story is which is so important for establishing credibility in our industry,” says Paul Van Metre, Founder of Adion Systems.

What Adion DIDN’T try to do is sell every aspect of their system. They just covered the broad strokes.

Another good example is the law firm of Anderson, Carey, & Williams. Their representation of fisherman via maritime law is quite complex, but their video needn’t be to attract clientele. What they needed was a video with clarity and an eye for detail. Their focus on maritime law is expressed through the emotional stories of their clients, as well the their own personal accounts, advice and promises. They provide detailed accounts of actual cases to illustrate their attorney services and expertise. The firm then ends the video with a mention of their most valuable attribute – their 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Again, they didn’t go into the detail of what they did, just concentrated on how they did it. That’s what people relate to.

Pay close attention to detail, focus on the customer, and provide a concise brand story in every piece of content you produce and you’ll hit a home run every time.

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