How to Get the Most Out of Your Video

At HCFmedia we believe that a video is much more than just a video. One video can be an entire content library for your organization. “How is this possible?” you ask. Let me explain.


One video can harbor many high quality stills if you look for them. The best stills are those captured of people. This is especially true when the second you take a screenshot, an emotion is captured, like joy, sadness or surprise. You can use these stills throughout your website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and more. There can never be enough supply of original images for your organization or business. And the use of too many stock photos can make you look inauthentic or cheap.


There are different uses for videos of different lengths. You may want to use a minute-long video for your Facebook ad and a shortened version for Twitter. This is where clips come in handy. Instead of creating various videos at 15 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute or two minutes, you can take the longer video that you started with and cut it down into shorter sections. You might edit your video down into a short summary of a longer video or maybe cut out a 15 second customer testimonial to use in an email campaign. Not only does this spread your content out, it also allows you to test different lengths and types of videos across a variety of platforms to see what performs best and where.

You can watch the shortened version of a video we created for Graduate Tacoma, above. Only 30 seconds long, it gets the point of the longer video (below) across.

Repurposed Content

Sometimes your timeline or budget just doesn’t allow for new videos each year. If this is the case, instead of creating a brand new video you can repurpose the one you already have. Zeno took this approach when they came to us a couple of weeks before a big fundraising event. They didn’t have the time or the cash for an entirely new production. We took the footage we had from last year, combined with a new script, and edited a beautiful piece of content to show at the event. Spoiler alert: Zeno went on to raise more than $200,000 just at that event alone. The key is to make it look new with a fresh direction. Holding onto raw footage is a great help. You can incorporate the footage in the new edit and change the storyline. You may even be able to do this yourself or hire someone at low cost. The video will feel new without all of the work and money that goes into creating the initial content.

When a single video actually means an entire year’s worth of marketing material it isn’t hard to believe that more than 50% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (source.) Being resourceful and making sure you get the most out of your video is a must when you are risking your budget and image.

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