How the Washington State Nonprofit Conference Changed Our Lives

We like to talk about the power of story all the time: Heroes and villains, the journey, the dream. ‘Intent versus Obstacle’ and how that helps us connect with audiences.

What’s great is we all have crazy, wild, messy stories to tell. Like that time I started a company that ran out of money. Or that moment when I found the groove and we launched the product and then went on to land VC investment. Or when I decided that being creative was more important than a steady paycheck. The peaks and valleys and everything in between.

That’s Good Story. And nowhere is good story more evident then when you get a whole bunch of nonprofits together, each one of them looking to solve good problems. Problems (and solutions) that are indeed shaping the world.

Inevitably each nonprofit has their own unique set of ‘peaks and valleys’, often driven by shrinking budgets, resources, and time. Sound familiar?

We had the pleasure of presenting at the Washington State Nonprofit Conference this week – where we discussed “10 Tips to Meet Your Fundraising Goals”.   What was inspiring about this event is we got to mingle with so many different people and perspectives. We got to listen to an array of visions and missions. We got to experience this thread that ties them all together: this passion you can feel from just about everyone you meet. This energy around purpose.

That’s an awesome thing.

It reminds us that every day is a good day to go out and create a little change, do something good, reach beyond. A good day to be an agent of something bigger.

Our presentation about STORY – and how video fits into that – was standing room only. Not because we were so great (meh) but because there are so many people looking for better ways to be heard with limited resources. Their stories are that important.

The big takeaway?

We can all be heroes. We don’t need permission for that.

If you want to view our deck (which includes lots of free goodies like Creative Brief and Script templates) click here.

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