Finding Inspiration for Your Video

Clients come to us all of the time looking for new and innovative ideas for their videos. Sometimes it can be difficult to turn on the creative mind. Sometimes you get stuck. Luckily we have some creative hacks to share that you can use to get past any creative hump and get started on your video.

Erase the Whiteboard

When you are drafting ideas for your video project and hit a wall, cleaning the slate and starting over can break down that wall. One of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell once said, “The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.” Clearing the mind and starting over from scratch is a great way to ditch those preconceptions that hold back your creativity. When you are in the creative stage for making a video, remember that no idea is bad.

Leave the Screen

It is easy to get lost on the web. Trust me, this happens to me all of the time. If I am stumped when writing a blog post the best thing I can usually do is take a walk for a cup of coffee or breath of fresh air. Getting out of your usual space can trigger new ideas and refresh the mind.

Recruit Your Colleagues

When it comes to fueling your creative edge, bouncing ideas off of others– especially those that think differently than you— can be an extremely successful tactic. I personally feed off of other’s ideas and energies. They bring light to new perspectives and provide building blocks for collaboration.

Find Examples to Emulate

No idea is actually new. We are forever finding inspiration from others whether we realize it or not. The truth is, we all take each other’s ideas. The key is to take the inspiration source and twist it to make it your own. Often when I am stuck writing I’ll look to other blogs. Watching the videos of competitors or companies/organizations that you admire can spark some of the best ideas.

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