Easy Ways to Generate Leads with Video

There are three crucial goals to focus on when using video to generate new leads.

  1. Attract audiences to your website
  2. Identify leads and offer them something that they’re willing to give up their information for
  3. Nurture and educate them to get them ready to be handed off to sales

Just making an enticing video is not enough. Below are a few simple tips you can implement to start generating more leads with your videos today.

Put the Lead Gen Form Right Into your Video

Many video hosting services, like Vimeo for example, offer lead generation form options with their paid accounts. For Vimeo you must have a business class account to use these services. You can put the email capture form at the beginning, middle, or end of your video. You even have the option to allow viewers to opt out or require information for continued viewing. The option is up to you and should be considered based upon your company or organization’s goals.

We found success using the lead generation form on Facebook for our Nonprofit Video Reel. You can actually click the ‘Learn More’ button at anytime during the video to get to this form. There is a more detailed section before the form where we share statistics related to nonprofit video. Viewers then have the option to submit their information. This has helped us gain multiple qualified leads.

Add CTA’s to Your Videos

Subtle and to-the-point we use a call-to-action on our Recruitment Video Reel. Adding CTA’s right into your video can be a simple and highly effective way to generate more traffic to your site. The CTA in this example leads to a targeted landing page with a free Recruitment Guide. In order to download the guide potentials must enter their email address. This is an inbound attempt to provide value by meeting audience needs and interests.

Create Targeted Landing Pages

Once you’ve made your videos and added CTA’s you will want to have a personalized page to send your audience to. You need to nurture your lead and try to start a conversation. A basic landing page should include these items:

You can see an example of a basic landing page that I created for HCFmedia here. If you want to truly connect with your audience you will want to get personal. For example, if a potential lead is watching our Nonprofit Reel I would direct them to our Nonprofit Landing Page. This page would have information relevant to the video they were just watching.

Be proactive with these simple and easy ways to generate more traffic to your site with video. Take advantage of captive viewers to turn those potentials into qualified leads.



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