Creative & Distribution: the Dynamic Duo

When it comes to creating content that converts there are two elements that weigh in equally: creative and distribution.

Neither more important than the other, it is time we examine the pieces in detail to hone in on what works and what doesn’t. The start-up guru himself, Mr. GaryVee makes an excellent point in part 4 of his online documentary series. He points to the under-tapped distribution channel that is Facebook and the over-tapped platform that is television.


With Facebook you can get clicks straight to your website that cost very little to your company. With a TV ad you pay a lot of money and cannot directly attribute your sales to the ad – unless of course you create an infomercial with a 1-800 number that you use for that specific ad. Today, EVERYONE is on Facebook. It used to be just the youngins or the college grads. Now your grandma is on Facebook more than you are. How long will this era last? It’s hard to say. Marketing trends seem to be changing faster than our rising climate. The point is, you can spend much less and get much more out of your video if you use Facebook as your distribution source. Mind you, combining with other mediums is always a good idea. Which platforms are best for you depends on what you are selling.


Now that we’ve gently talked about distribution let me make one point clear: you cannot disregard your creative process. The success of your campaign does not land solely on your distribution strategy but is a combined effort with your creative. If you throw money at the Facebook machine using a photo with bad quality and a caption that is not branded, relevant, or participative and wonder why your campaign is failing then listen up! It’s simple. You’ve got to put out something that will speak to your potentials! Did you take the video you are posting as a selfie on your cell phone? Did you take time to understand your company’s core brand values? It’s time to self evaluate.

The creative process is this seemingly elusive piece of the campaign that has no set guidelines or rules. At HCFmedia we have something we call ‘Creative 30s’. We call in the directors and hash out ideas. The best part is that no idea is bad or wrong and each builds upon one another. Sometimes the meetings get a little out of hand or off the beaten path but that is when things begin to get interesting and often times when we come up with our most genius ideas. The key is that you actually take the time to think thoroughly about what you want your message to be and how you want to say it. The creative part of your branded content needs to have your values at it’s core. Everything you create stems from this thought-out and quintessential part of production.

Do not slack on the essentials and take advantage of under-tapped media outlets. Creative and distribution are two pieces of the content creation process that you can take control of on your own. It’s time to understand your core values and get your content in front of your ideal audience.

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