Case Study: Why Pay for Clicks if You Don’t Have to

When it comes to your marketing strategy it’s all about ‘feeling it out.’ There’s no formula to spending, timing, targeting, or knowing exactly what to say. It comes down to tracking your efforts and adjusting accordingly— experience helps. When HCFmedia created a couple of videos for the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to shaping a community where every child has access to a great education, we helped execute their distribution strategy.

What you need to know:

  • 2 videos created, one shorter (1 min, 10 sec), one longer (2 min, 34 sec)
  • Social budget of $500
  • 1 month period
  • Donation matching period in March

With the videos, we created 2 targeted ads and 1 targeted promoted post. We created lookalike audiences using real mailing lists from our client. This added to the list of people actually following the foundation via email through a mirror audience of people with similar demographics and characteristics.

Why pay for link clicks if you don’t have to? Our client asked why we waited a couple of days before we promoted the initial post that she shared. Those first few days received more than 2,000 organic video views, 39 likes and a whopping 44 shares. And after the initial push we acted. Promoting her post for just $2.84 a day. The video now has more than 8,000 views, 57 likes, and 70 shares.

Promoting a post right off the back can be an excellent strategy but this is all dependent on your current following and past results. In this case waiting meant we could get more for less spend. We created two other ads for the foundation. Thanks to a generous matching opportunity from RAM construction, BPSF is having all donations matched in March. We were able to share this with our short video and run the ad until the end of the matching period. 6,600 views later, we have already seen 196 link clicks.

The second ad utilizes the longer video and runs for one month. Analyzing shows that on average we have been spending more per click on the longer video ad. After this weeks report we will decide whether to make changes and promote the short video after the matching period ends since we are seeing such low CPC (cost per click.)

Analyzing weekly has been vital to our most successful campaigns. Stay tuned to glean the full results of the project next month.

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