Case Study: TV vs. Online

In large scale and niche markets, television advertisements can be just as or more effective than an online advertising medium. For example, if you are a large brand that appeals to a large audience, say Lays Potato Chips, you are definitely going to want to score commercial spots on all of this season’s big football games. Your audience is worldwide AND watches football. Your brand can also afford this type of costly advertising.

On the other hand, social media advertising is affordable and accessible to all.

In a recent case, HCFmedia created two videos for Semiahmoo Shore, a waterfront community in Northern Washington.

We then went on to run their Facebook push. Here’s what you need to know:

-Distribution Scope: West Coast
-Deliverable: 2 Thirty Second Ads (ran on TV and Facebook/Instagram)
-Audience: Male & Female, Age 35+ (plus a few more detailed descriptors)
-Budget: $500 Per Month

We created two ads, one with a focus on site traffic and the other on engagement. Both targeting those matching specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. Thus far we have seen more than 135k views, 70 page likes, 120 shares, 430 reactions, and 2,900 link clicks! And it’s only been a few months! Our client has also been running the same ads on TV.

Here is a direct quote from the client:

“We are experiencing consistent visitors to the site of several groups a day during the week and typically a dozen on weekend days which is good for an ongoing Open House scenario that has been available for viewing for more than a year. The online has been strong while television advertising has been less effective and this has certainly made me a believer in social media reach.” Mike Kent said.

The cost per click is surprisingly low. Clients are seeing a rough average of about $.50 per click to their websites. Even more, Facebook continues to grow. Currently they have more than one billion users. While running various ads through Facebook and Instagram for clients we keep coming back to the same conclusion: The cost is much lower than TV and the ability for viewers to click directly to your site is invaluable.

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