Case Study: “Specialized” Videos

A year ago Amazon approached us to help them with some HR recruiting videos for their logistics coding department. They had videos made for them before but they were ineffectual and everyone hated them. The common consensus was they were “too general”.

  • Amazon had an ‘employee perception’ problem that needed to change.
  • ‘Everyone hated the old recruiting videos; They weren’t seen as being authentic
  • Didn’t make people want to work there
  • They were too general

So, we called a focus group together with their senior coders and asked them what made them work at the company. Simple enough idea, right? But no one had ever done this before if you can believe it. Before, marketing had gotten involved right off the bat and just made a general “it’s great to work here video.”

What we found from the focus group was that people liked working at Amazon because they got to solve the world’s biggest logistical problems. The coders said – “that’s why I came here, and that’s why my peers come here.” Eureka! Now we had a specialized through line for our video series. We could change it from the broad “come to work here because it’s great” to “come to work for the logistics coding department because you’ll get to solve the world’s biggest coding problems.”

The difference was night and day. The team was all suddenly very enthusiastic about making the videos and being a part of the process. We were able to make videos that really spoke to Amazon’s core group of coders.

Furthermore, we’d created a video theme that was truly “aspirational” instead of “inspirational.” This is a key differentiating factor in recruiting videos – you want to encourage employees to join your good fight, not just be told what to do.

We took their video series a step further with our Content Studio, and based on the interviews we did with individual coders for the flagship videos, we made stand-alone videos with each one of the coders. This way, recruiters could send targeted videos directly to potentials who exactly matched the character type and demographics of the person they were seeking to hire as they moved down the hiring pipeline.

After we finished the videos they were able to easily find ways to target the new set of videos in social locations specific to where logistics coders liked to hang out – again, because the videos had a specific angle.
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