Case Study: Radio Meets Video

No video project is exactly the same. Sometimes you need five 20 second product videos, but other times, a single 3 minute company flagship piece brings in the action.

In some scenarios you may have the resources to cover certain steps of the video production process. Recently, we gathered a small crew for a full day shoot for the local radio show Brooke and Jubal in the Morning of Premiere Networks. If you live in the greater Seattle area you are bound to have ran across their fun and hilarious talk show. My personal favorite being the Jubal Phonetap; it has actually been so popular they’ve turned this portion of the show into a daily podcast!

Using a Sony FS7 and A7 we captured the raw professional footage for their team to take to the editing room. The video footage was made to advertise their radio show to other radio shows and to use in television ads in areas where their radio show is available. The goals were to increase recognition, following, and interest from potential partners. This is also a great example of traditionally non visual media using visual media to move forward in their business sector. There are no rules when it comes to video.

The Results

With only a small team and one day of shooting, production costs were kept at a minimum. We got great response from the Premiere Networks’s Senior Vice President of Affiliate Marketing and the shoot day ‘director,’ Hosea Beltcher,  “Justen and the team were just so well prepared and easy to work with. They not only shot exactly what I wanted the way I wanted it shot, they were also always quick to provide alternative shot ideas that I might not have thought of.”

Taking the editing into their own hands they were able to put together five different videos: Three 30 second spots (example) and two longer flagship advertising pieces (example.) The shorter spots highlight their awesome crew, excellent dance moves, and best radio show segments.

For some, taking the raw footage to the creative board is a steadfast choice. Knowing what is right for you begins with a conversation around a few solid questions:

• What is my end goal?

• Do I have any experience with video?

• How can I join the process?

Clear messaging, direction, and goals are a great place to start when thinking about video. You may even want to try sitting in on a webinar or reaching out to a local production agency. Ask what you can do to get involved, lower costs, and move forward with your video.

“Being able to have professionally shot footage for us to edit ourselves really gives us the flexibility and cost control we needed. With the HCFmedia solution, we’re able to cut the media however we want to in-house for the forseeable future,” said, Hosea Beltcher.

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