Case Study: Product Video, Split Test, Nation-Wide Audience

HCFmedia created a video for the Twistep— an instant, multi-use step that helps your dog get in and out of your SUV or pickup.

Recently we’ve started offering free ad placement for new clients. If you don’t know what ad placement is, we create ads with your videos and place them on Facebook and Instagram to ensure that they reach the right audience. Testing the waters of our new service, we continued on with social rollout for the Twistep. Here are the facts:

  • Distribution Scope: Nation-Wide
  • Deliverable: 30 Second Split Test Ad
  • Demographic: Primarily Female, Age 35+
  • Budget: $500 For First Month
  • Test Period: 2 weeks

We tested two separate audiences using the 30 second ad.

  • Audience A:
    • Interests: Dogs
    • Behaviors: Dog Owner, Above Average Spending
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 34-63 
    • Location: US
  • Audience B:
    • Interests: Dogs
    • Behaviors: Dog Owner
    • Gender: Male & Female,
    • Age: 35+
    • Location: US

Audience A triggered more clicks at a lower cost, but the click through rate of audience B was higher. Audience B also received WAY more interaction with over 100 more likes and shares! With more clicks at a lower cost we declared audience A as the winner, but depending on your company goals you may consider more interaction or a higher CTR as a winning determinant.

In just 14 days the video received 437 likes, 315 shares, and 10k+ views. That’s AMAZING!

By the way, we also ran a promoted post. The promoted post stays on your profile and the ad doesn’t. This means you can get organic views and traffic from your video before you boost, during, and far after. We are always looking for ways to get better results while saving your money. 

Facebook now offers a new feature in their ad management platform. It is a split testing feature, also referred to as A/B testing. This was the perfect opportunity to try it out. The results were interesting.

While the ad running audience B enjoyed 173 likes and 121 shares, audience A only received 48 likes and 41 shares. It sounds like audience B was kicking butt! Upon further analysis I realized that although audience B was getting a better reaction on Facebook, audience A had more clicks and a lower CPC (cost per click.) Coming in at $.20 and $.33 a click the CPCs are relatively low! The average CPC we usually see varies from $.75-$1.00.

What is interesting about the split test, is that even though the audience with the lower CPC seemed to be performing better from a clicks stand point, the other audience had a higher CTR (click through rate.)

When you make a split test ad on Facebook they only let you schedule it for 14 days, to begin. Well, I thought this was to begin. 14 days went by, we received great feedback and interest from the video (see left.) Comments included:

“I’ve had the twist step for 5 years. Love it!!! Best thing ever. When ordering just remember with some vehicles, like a Tahoe, you need the extension bracket to be able to tuck it under the spare tire. And, I do recommend getting the locking device!!!”

“This a great alternative to those ramps. My dog Sherman never got used to the ramp so I always ended up picking him up anyways. Not easy for a half great dane!”

When it came time to renew the ad that was performing best to allocate the rest of the budget I ran into an issue. Facebook limits your ability to add time and budget to split test ads after 14 days. Wow. I reached out for help and messaged back and forth with someone from the Facebook team, they also thought I could add to the budget and length of the ad— just like with others, but later found I had to begin again.

What a let down. Now you know as well, this is good to consider before running a split test ad. Ads become more valuable as they run because Facebook is able to hone in on specific targeting. Running one for 14 days can be valuable for testing but not long term.

For the promoted post so far we have already reached 216 likes and 153 shares, the video is blowing up with 7.4k views. The strategy here is to make sure that the video and ad copy are shining bright on the timeline of your homepage so that when people visit your page they get to see your ad! And not just as a sponsored piece. I did a lot smaller budget with a focus on video views.

We have spent about half of the budget and have about two weeks left in our ad management. The results will be interesting. After the 14 days of split testing I created an ad using audience A. We’re already excited about the results. And further tracking may bring forth elements we may not have otherwise considered.

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