Case Study: Leveraging Video for Higher Education

A few years ago, Bellingham Technical College came to us looking for a few videos for their catalog. They have slowly built their video collection to include over 20 videos.

Since we began working with Bellingham Technical College (BTC), we have created many different types of content to meet all kinds of needs. They have been successfully utilizing these videos for TV ads, fundraising events, course catalogs, web pages, social media, new student or faculty on-boarding, etc. For BTC, video offers prospective students a compelling, full-video look at the campus and all that it has to offer.

“HCFmedia continues to provide us with videos on nearly any topic we contrive. We have worked with the HCFmedia team for years and continue to use the videos they create on our website, catalog, TV ads and more. They are reliable, fast, and easy to work with.”

— Marni Saling Mayer, BTC Marketing Director

The 3 main types of videos we create for BTC are:

Campus Tours

The campus tour video is perfect for the front page of your website and any introductory communication. By this I mean, events or emails for new students, prospective students, or those that want to know more about the school. It is a great flagship piece to use for years to come. It says, “Hey this is us!”


One of my personal favorites, the testimonial video never fails. Any time someone has something good to say about your school you should take advantage of that opportunity. The testimonial video builds trust with prospective students and instructors. It is also an opportunity to get real feedback. Whether it is new students or faculty you are trying to attract, the testimonial is a video that they can relate to. No one wants to hear about the benefits of your program from the dean of students. They want to hear the truth from those that have been a part of the program first-hand.


Probably the most important are the videos that explain what your programs have to offer. These videos highlight the best points of each degree and career. You can use these videos on your site on the description pages for different degrees. These videos can be especially successful when reigning in new students for complex programs. You can see in the example here, BTC uses video to clearly show site visitors exactly what a Composites Engineering Tech degree entails. Huge chunks of text on description pages can be daunting when looking at different schools and programs. Videos provide a fresh, memorable and easy way to digest large amounts of information.

Just last month we created another series for the thriving technical college. My favorite of the three combines program description with student testimonial.

Video is an excellent tool for higher education organizations of all kinds. We’re excited to see what BTC wants to make next.

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