Back to Basics: A Brand Values Exercise

Clearly understanding who you are as a business or organization is vital to successfully sharing your message with your audience, especially through video. Everything you do shares a message. Having a guide to walk you through who you want to be/already are will set you on a steadfast path.

Why is it important to have a consistent voice?

-80% of marketers indicate that building brand communities has increased traffic (source)

-80% of consumers say that authenticity of content will influence them to follow a brand (source)

There are many more elements to support this notion— people are loyal to brands they know and trust. Getting your values down on paper is a healthy reiteration for any brand or organization. My favorite branding exercise focuses on the basics:

• WHO – Who are you? Who is this for? Who uses it?

• WHAT – What does your company do? What do you need to use this product/service? What is important to know?

• WHEN – When was the product/service introduced? When is it available? When did the inspiration to make/design/share this happen?

• WHERE – Where is the product/service available? Where is it made? Where do you go to ask questions about the product/service?

• WHY – Why was this created? Why is the product/service unique? Why would someone be excited to own/use this product or service?

Deepening your understanding of your core values is a great first step to take when creating content. It is important to retain a clear, participative and consistent voice in everything you put out into the world. Remember, everything you do leaves an impression!

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