An Inside Look at a Complex Shoot

When Firstech approached HCFmedia to produce the flagship video for Momento, their newly developed dash cam, we were challenged with a few key things. They wanted a video that was:


-Sleek & Sexy

-Cost Effective

First off, without a massive budget, how do we accurately represent a product whose sole purpose is to capture those “worst-case-scenarios” like car wrecks, collisions and hit-and-runs? Further, how could we make a seemingly utilitarian product video not just informative, but sexy?

For the budgetary concern, we decided to include a few powerful stock clips of car wrecks to show what can happen on the road. This allowed us to shoot ‘near-collisions’ with the Momento rather than reenacting actual collisions, which is both expensive and time-intensive.

As for making it sexy, we started with our shooting style. We felt it necessary to establish a few cinematic tracking shots of our car before diving into the details of the product. Our solution was the Sony FS7 mounted on a DJI Ronin, which we would operate from a separate chase car. Along with these tracking shots, we decided to incorporate the near-collision scenes, tight product shots and motion graphics to aesthetically round out the video. Combined with a solid narrative and a subtle bed of sound design, we were set.

With the creative nearly polished, we had to figure out how in the hell we would actually shoot this video. Scenes with heavy use of cars, especially tracking shots, are already tough enough to shoot. Shooting those scenes within a 10 mile radius of Seattle traffic would have been a logistical nightmare, probably with a few car collisions of our own. So we opted for the less crowded and more amiable city of Bellingham.

The HCFmedia team in Bellingham identified a few iconic streets that our crew car could loop with our talent car and we began mapping. For each scene, we had a different road and loop so we could efficiently shoot, reset and shoot again. If we nailed the shot, we let our driver know in the talent car to move onto the next location. We knocked out the driving shots first and moved onto parking scenes and a few beauty shots of the Momento camera itself. We ended up delivering a longer video (1 minute and 30 seconds) and shortened (30 second) version for rollout. See the longer version below.

It was all smooth sailing in just a half-day’s shoot!

Sometimes an idea or product may seem ‘too complex’ to shoot. Break it down piece-by-piece. Think outside the box. Make it happen.

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