A Place to Start for Video

HCFmedia – Why we thought the industry needed a place to start.

Everyone needs a place to start when they’re heading down a new road. Someplace that doesn’t mind explaining things to you that might seem obvious to others. Someplace that offers clarity when it comes to pricing, and creative so that you know what’s going on in a brave new field for you or your organization. And finally, someplace without any attitude other than – how can we better explain this to you to make the best video for your needs?

HCFmedia handles clients new to the process of making videos, and takes it a step further with our Content Studio program that helps you to maximize your dollars spent on video by creating a suite of content from your shoot – rather than just one video. Then, we go the extra mile of helping you place the video on social platforms and be SURE that it connects right off the bat with your audience. That’s the whole package – and it’s powerful.

How far you take it is up to you. You can scale back to JUST the video, or up to 5 videos cut from one day of shooting, and social placement, too. From link building, to every social media platform, to blog integration, and more— we’ve got you covered. And not in the streamlined, mass marketing kind of way. That is not what gets results. We get specific. We do the research for your specific video to truly reach your specific audience.

What You Get

Spending money on video pays off. In fact, 46% of consumers said they’ve made a purchase as a result of watching a brand video on social media. (source: Tubular Insights) Your video just needs to be simple and still be effective. You can test the waters to see what you like and dislike before committing to something that is way over your head. Quality video does not mean expensive or costly or confusing or stressful to create. We are here to get you started and that means starting with clear brand messaging. Focusing on your goals from the set out.

So please reach out. No question is too small. No comment unworthy. We want your thoughts and we want to start collaborating. Remember, the only thing you need to be an expert of is your own business or nonprofit. We’ve got the rest from the starting creative process to distribution to analytics. In no time, you’ll be getting the engagement you have always wanted opening new opportunities for your business, nonprofit, or agency.

That is why we created HCFmedia. Your place to start in the video production and distribution journey. We’re looking forward to creating with you.

Jaclyn Parton, Audience Engagement Director  


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