A Guide to Posting Video on Social Media (Pt. 2)

There are many unspoken rules to posting to each specific social platform. Twitter is an interesting one. It is best known for it’s popularity with real-time marketing, for example, during events like the super bowl or a presidential debate. Twitter is also is an excellent space to use video. In fact, video ads on Twitter are twice as memorable as other ads on the platform. Even more, videos are six times more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than photos, and three times more likely to receive retweets than GIFs.

Now if you missed my last post (pt. 1 of this series) I covered the biggest platform: Facebook. In this post I will go over how to make the most of your video on the fast-paced platform, Twitter.


Don’t be afraid to post your video multiple times, even with Twitter’s new algorithm that highlights tweets you may not have wanted to miss many will miss your video the first time. A Twitter stream happens fast. You can turn your head away for 30 seconds and have 20 new tweets to view depending on the number of accounts you follow. The trick is to change up your captions and times of posting. It also helps to layer repeat content between other content and retweets.

Watch out for fake accounts. There are fake accounts on all platforms, yes. They might even leave you a bad review if it’s on Facebook (this happened to another film company). The point is, be aware of their existence. Many people buy followers. Not only is this tactic distasteful, it does nothing good for your brand. People can see through it. The best way to gain followers is to follow back and follow hashtags. You want to find others that like what you like or like what you like to post. If you are posting a product video for a new hybrid car, you may want to do a hashtag search for #Hybrid or #HybridCar. You might even try to steal followers from your competition. If I were posting for a new hybrid car brand I would share the relevant video multiple times between other tweets and retweets and with different captions all the while following accounts that follow Prius accounts or use relevant hashtags.

Twitter is great for real time. This is gold. You can play off of current events to grow your brand through Twitter. As a hub for news, if you can join the conversation in a way that represents your brand accurately you can win big time in the land of retweets and favorites (now called likes). Have short bite-sized videos and GIFs in your pocket, or be quick to create. Also, be clever. Try the goofy tweet out if it works for your brand voice. You can always delete it. It doesn’t hurt to try and when it comes to posting on social it is all about trial and error.

Because Twitter moves so quickly, it is best to get your brand message into your video within the first 5 seconds and try to keep the video at about a minute or less (mind you longer videos can still be successful). According to a study by IPG Media Lab and Twitter, the average user watches 5.9 seconds of in-feed auto-play video. That’s why brands need to ensure that the first seconds of their video campaigns are appealing and offer a prominent branded message to increase the chances of brand recall. And just like Facebook, you’ll want to make sure your video has captions or can be followed without sound. No one’s going to watch a video they can’t follow without sound when they are in their Monday morning conference meeting (not that I would ever do anything like this).

Allocating budget to boosting your videos on twitter may be smart if your target audience uses the platform. If your person is a millennial in the tech industry, chances are you may want to plan out a Twitter strategy. If they are a retired baby boomer, you may want to allocate more to Facebook. Do your research and test per platform, listening to the results.

This leads me into my last piece of advice. Track your efforts. Twitter’s analytics platform is lacking. It does not have options to adjust dates or track the metrics you wish to track. If your marketing strategy depends heavily on Twitter I would recommend bringing in a third party platform to track your efforts like Hootsuite. Hootsuite is cool because you can schedule posts, and organize content and followers on the platform.

Listen to the data. Post often. Keep your message in the first 5 seconds of your video. Now go get those retweets!

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