A different direction for a NonProfit Event Film: Backwards

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The Millionair Club Charity recently engaged HCFmedia to create an event film for their May 2018 donor luncheon. Over the years, the organization had made a number of videos for these luncheons, but this year they wanted to do something different. They wanted to showcase a story of someone that was helped by the Millionair Club over 30 years ago, and show how the help a woman got from the Millionair Club changed her life, and that of her family, forever.

The first challenge was finding the perfect story. Maren Finzer, the head of special events and charitable giving at the club, found Abi, a woman who had come to Seattle destitute 30 years prior, and had found people at the club willing to give her the help she needed to get back on her feet, and learn how to make money for herself. Abi took this information all the way to Columbia University, where she graduated, and into a great career and family life.

HCFmedia traveled with Maren to New York state to film Abi’s story on location with her family and friends. “It was important that we got the real feel of her life,” said Maren.

The film was heralded by the Millionair Club as a great success. “It was the best video we ever had,” said Maren. “And even with 70 less people at the event, we still raised the same amount of money as the previous years.”

“The team went over and beyond. I know they did much more than they had to. Those extra touches are what really made it cool. It showed. I’m so impressed with the way this came out, and how easy and gracious the production team was to work with,” quipped Maren

“Being able to tell that whole story is just so rare. And ending with her laughing – the team found that little piece that really made the piece work.”

Millionair Club will be re-editing the piece for another event in October, and sharing the video on their website for the next year.

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