7 Types of Videos & What They Can Do For You

According to McQuivey’s Forrester Study, How Video Will Take Over the World, a single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. What, really?!? I mean, how can you mathematically sum the worth of a video in terms of words? If you read the study, though, McQuivey’s math checks out. He is using the statistic to make a point about the power of video.

And its power is shocking:

Agency Insivia says, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Even more, as the amount of video types continues to grow, more confusion circulates in the video centric digital world. Once you decide to make a video, you have to then think about what you want your video to do. Carry on social to amp up page likes and shares? Explain a complicated product? Increase brand awareness? Raise capital for a startup? This list goes on. Below are 7 types of videos and what they can do for you.

Brand Videos

Tear the lid off your logo. This type of video is created to show the heart and humanity behind your brand. Think values.

NonProfit Video

Raise awareness, raise the roof, raise a paddle. These are moving videos for events, websites, and fund appeals. They create an empathetic bond between your audience and your cause.

Product Videos

When you need more show than tell. This type of video can be helpful if your product is new or difficult to understand. But it’s also good if you just want to show your target audience how your product is beneficial to their needs.

Case Study/Partner Videos

Share your expertise for some serious ROI. Dig into real life examples to relate and convert. Case Studies that provide analysis in a problem-solution format can be extremely valuable to your audience and in turn create a trusting bond between you two. You want your audience to look to you for answers and to genuinely help them to get to them.

These are technically two types of videos: Partner videos are brand alliance examples which are often tied in with Case Study videos. These are opportunities for two or more brands to team up to spread their word farther to multiple audiences, websites, and social platforms. Plus there can be a shared cost for the video creation itself. Win-win.

Testimonials that Travel

Your raving fans say it best. When they love you, let it travel with likes and shares. Today, shoppers don’t buy unless the reviews back their purchase. Combine the power of video with the power of WOM.

Raise Capital

Kickstart your next project. When your startup or capital initiative needs financial backing, video can do the asking for you. Explaining a new idea can be difficult on paper, video makes it easy for your idea to clearly shine.

Content of Value

Need click-throughs and conversions? Video content can go WAY beyond White Pages.  You can put a lot of valuable content into a video and your audience will retain the information in a fraction of the time. Instead of a 20 page paper get your point across in a compelling 5 minute video. This is value to your audience.

Social Media Campaigns

Hook → Disrupt → Inform. Real results through targeting, retargeting, and detailed reporting. Social video comes in 3 sizes: the hook reels them in with a 15 second biter, the disrupt startles them into recognition (30-45 seconds), and the inform meets them after the click through to seal the deal (1 minute+). With effective planning, get multiple video deliverables from your shoot. Different length pieces with unique target focuses can provide enough video and imagery for a foundation of marketing materials, and depending on the company, a years worth of content.

Not surprisingly, there are even more kinds of videos you can make. It depends on what you want your video to do for you. Clearly defining this is the first step.

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