15 Second Videos: Simple & Creative Examples

Video for your company, organization or nonprofit can come in many different forms. One of the most effective forms of video communication for social media and remarketing are 15 second shorts. Keeping things short and sweet can raise your chances of engaging more audience views to 100%. Video shorts can also make you look professional without busting your timeline or budget. Here are three prime examples of simple and creative 15 second shorts:

Customer Feature


Brooks is a running shoe company. In this video Shakeema, a former professional athlete and Brooks customer shares why she loves to run. The simply shot interview never mentions Brooks directly but adds to the brand with the #RunHappy hashtag. It’s genuine, friendly and doesn’t say “sales pitch.” The interview even takes place while she is running. The movement and location makes for a unique customer interview.

Product Video

Old World Deli:

This mouth-watering short brought in Old World Deli’s busiest season. We created a handful of short videos displaying their offerings: sliced meats, olives, wine, cheese, and more. The videos were creative, concise and highly effective on social media. Sometimes you just need to remind your audience what your product brings to the table.

Targeted Promo Story

Bank of the Pacific:

The ad tells a lot in just 15 seconds. This video we made for Bank of the Pacific hones in on key drivers for choosing a bank with a trustworthy, reliable and community-driven voice. It even features a popular local coffee house, The Black Drop. The little details go a long way. What is most important is their clear understanding of their target audience’s needs and preferences.

There are hundreds of approaches to video creation. Founder interviews, customer testimonials, teasers, and explainer videos are all great examples of styles that work well for 15 second shorts. Specialization, professional footage, and creativity can take these simple videos to the next level.

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