Put the Money in the Media Buy. Not the Ads.

These packages are specifically designed to do one thing: make it easy for you get advertising running for your clients. By focusing on budget and quality, Hand Crank Films has dialed in on the perfect solution so you can focus on generating media buys and $$ to your bottom line.



This package is designed with ease and quick turn-around in mind. In most cases, we can shoot and deliver raw footage to you in the same day for those time sensitive projects.

  • 2 hours in-studio time interview (Bellingham Studio) against white background
  • 1 Crew Team (Director)
  • HD DSLR Camera
  • Audio
  • Lights and Equipment
  • Same Day Delivery of uncut footage for you to edit or post
  • Deliverable: Raw footage transferred to your hard drive
  • Cost: $450


1/2 DAY SHOOT = 1 Ad = $1,500


This package is designed for clients who want a nice spot quickly and easily – and who can provide their own basic story outline. We handle the shooting and editing, plus the addition of music and simple logo/text treatments.

  • 1 hour of Story Development and Pre-Production
  • Interview with B-Roll (B-Roll is footage is supplemental footage shot of your building, people working, etc)
  • 1/2 Day Shooting, either in-studio or on location
  • 2 Crew Team (Director and Camera/Audio Assistant)
  • HD DSLR Camera
  • Lights and Equipment
  • HD Editing w/ 1 Client Review* (*Extra reviews at additional cost.)
  • Voiceover
  • Stock Music
  • Simple logo/text treatment
  • Deliverable: 1 finished :30 second commercial suitable for TV and Web
  • Cost: $1,500


AD TEMPLATE = $2,000, $350 for each following ad


Got a client that wants to push seasonal promotions all year long? Or just switch it up now and again? The Ad Template creates one basic ad with photos and visual effects that are easy to switch out for future spots. The possibilities are limited only by our collective imaginations.

  • 1 hour of Story Development and Pre-Production
  • 2 hours Photo Design
  • 1 Day VFX for tile treatments that really ‘Pop!’
  • Deliverable: 1 finished :30 second commercial suitable for TV and Web
  • $350 for each subsequent ad that follows this pre-existing template.

POLITICAL PACKAGE = 3 Ads = $4,000


Our politics are right down the middle when it comes to creating great political ad campaigns that drive media buys. Put a √ next to ‘Victory’.

  • 4-5 Hours of Story Development and Scripting
  • 6 Hours Shooting, 2-3 locations.
  • 2 Crew Team (Director, Camera/Audio Assistant)
  • HD DSLR Camera
  • Lights and Equipment
  • HD Editing w/ 2 Client Reviews*
  • Voiceover
  • Stock Music
  • Animated Logo/Text Treatment
  • Deliverable: 3 finished :30 second commercials.
  • Cost: $4,000


Before we forget, let’s review the Hand Crank Films Guarantee: if you or your client are not happy with the end result of your project, we’ll refund the money. Period. That’s how confident we are in making your life easier and more profitable.

We’re also looking for other new ways to make you and your clients happy – so let us know how else we can help. Contact me today to learn more.

Chris Donaldson

Now let’s rock and roll.


> Prices good through 12/31/11