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Providence Medical Group: “Asthma”

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This from JAYRAY:

“A new tagline implied that Providence doctors are different. The challenge: communicating that distinction to consumers. A treasure trove of patient interviews with physicians revealed three simple truths and a campaign was born. It’s not just health care, it’s how we care is more than a tagline. It’s a clearly defined message about physicians who listen, pay attention to details and are committed. It’s also helped fill physician practices and keep the new patient phone line ringing.”

Client: JAYRAY Communications

Published: September 30th, 20

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Creative Support

The Challenge

JAYRAY Communications had a challenge from their client, Providence Medical Group: show, don’t tell, that our doctors are truly different than the norm – that they truly reach to a higher calling. Providence wanted television commercials that were personal, and that showed their doctors going above and beyond the call-of-duty to help patients. But, they also needed the spots to believable, and to be in situations that could and do really happen. On top of this, Providence wanted the spots to truly look and feel “network quality”, although they’d never produced spots of this caliber before.

The Solution

JAYRAY skillfully navigated the scripting waters with the client, and convinced them through various drafts, and long phone calls, that one simple scenario, beautifully executed, was far more advantageous than multiple scenarios that tried to cram lots of information into a short spot. Once the client was convinced, we just had to execute something truly “network quality” within a short time frame, on a limited budget.

The production was fairly straightforward. We worked with JAYRAY to cast local talent in the spots, using our own in-house talent-database to quickly and easily find top-quality actors. We then worked with JAYRAY to wheedle down the scripts to the bare necessities to get across the main point about the docs in an easily accessible fashion to the average viewer. The shoot itself was just two days, with one day in the clinic, and another at the families house. We actually shot ANOTHER ad for the medical group  at the same time, over the same days!

Skagit County Video Production StillSkagit County Video Production Still

Skagit County Video Production Still
The Results

The client was thrilled with the spots, and JAYRAY was able to take credit for truly bringing their client’s game up to a much higher level.

About The Client

JAYRAY Communications is a Tacoma-based advertising agency specializing in branding, advertising, and strategic communication.