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Jake Roorda

Jake first discovered accounting in preschool when a teacher brought ledger paper to school as scratch paper. While he didn’t know what exactly he needed to transact, he knew to put letters in the left column and numbers in the right – so while other students were playing with matches and Play Doh Jake continued his ledger paper scribbling. Whilst growing up in a small town on the Olympic Peninsula he was able to journey to 5 of the continents. When he’s not working you can usually find him reading or watching the same reruns of all the 90s sitcoms. Today he holds a finance degree from Western Washington University and has a few years experience working in finance, accounting and even banking. He has since figured out just exactly what else goes on to that ledger paper and can reconcile accounts like you wouldn’t believe. Reach out to him with any questions on your invoice or just to discuss the existential meaning of debits and credits.