5 Ways Your Corporate Film Can Be Like “Gravity”

You seen “Gravity” yet? You should. It’s an amazing piece of cinema. At HCFmedia, we took the whole office over to the local IMAX 3D to take it in. Why? Because we know there is so much we can learn from “Gravity” director Alfonso Cuaron. Here’s 5 ways your upcoming corporate film can be like “Gravity”.

1. It can be simple. There are no labarantyine plot twists in “Gravity”. The film is just as simple as E.T., girl needs to get home. This makes us want to watch it. We like simple things. Simply beautiful things.

2. It can be a spectacle. You don’t need 5 years of production to make your film look cool, but you do need to think about its visual presentation. People want more than just talking heads and b-roll these days. Give them something cool and exciting in front of the camera. Maybe racing motorcycles. Maybe racing yachts. Maybe just things shot from different visual perspectives. Embrace the whole of cinema for your piece – not just what’s been done in corporate for years.

3. You can make people care about your characters. We care about Ryan and Kowalski because we get a touch of their backstory, and we see them taking affirmative action. Your leads should do the same. If you’ve got your CEO in there, tell us something about him other than what awards he’s won – show us his family or something. And then, show us, don’t tell us, about him actually doing something that’s within the thrust of the film. People will start caring about your people the way you care about movie characters.

4. Make great trailers. If you want people to watch this thing outside of your company, make sure to promote it. “Gravity” had wonderful trailers that had you on the edge of your seat. Think hard about what is the essence of your film and tease that out in short snippets on YouTube and Facebook. You’ll get people really wanting to hear what you have to say.

5. Your reach can exceed your grasp. Alfonso had to take some serious risks to make such a great film. You need to take risks, too. You’ll never make people care if you stick to the same old, same old. In this day and age people need something new to stay tuned – don’t you? Had Alfonso made a simple space movie with aliens and transformers, yawn… But he went further, and he was probably never sure he could do it – but that’s what makes it great.



Author: Max Kaiser