5 Video Trends for Better Engagement

Video growth has moved from the “experiment” phase into the mainstream to boost customer engagement. But what needs to happen for you and your clients to participate?  Let’s take a look.

The optimal profile of a successful business utilizes a variety of communications channels. One of the key success factors includes video content. Here’s what some successful video initiatives look like:

  1. Use video to tell your stories more vividly. At the heart of getting customers engaged is answering the question ‘Why should I care?’ And answering that question comes down to good old fashioned story-telling.  Video can help customers connect personally with brands, and a fun exercise is to toy around with our questionnaire – which may help you define your story in the context of a business goal.
  2. Strong video can help drive social sharing – and create assets that encourage people to hit the send button. The ice bucket challenge was an incredible example of this. Understanding the uniqueness of  story can help find the angle to make this happen.
  3. In this case, shorter is indeed better. YouTube claims to have more than a billion users and more than half of their video views come from mobile devices. That’s a huge number, and most of these views are shorter (in the 1-2 minute mark maximum). So keep it pithy.
  4. Have a wide variety of video formats at hand. Adweek says one of the trends is a shifting focus to new video formats—everything from the short animated GIF, to the six-second Vine, to long-form video and even live streaming broadcasts. You need to be a part of that conversation with multiple content assets.
  5. Don’t stress it. The last thing you want is more work. Your ‘To-Do’ list is already a mile long. So whatever your approach, take your time in creating a good plan and a great story. The most important part: having fun (cocktails or good coffee help).

We know limited budgets and staff resources can make it challenging for businesses of any size to hit all the marketing check boxes. But clients continue to be demanding, and the media landscape continues to shift. Hopefully there’s some ideas here that make it all a little easier. And here’s to making 2016 the best year yet. Salud.

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