Hi there.

Photo by HCFmedia Director Chris Koser. From Superfeet Copper film.

Welcome to our new website.

As most of you know, creating a new website is a lot of work. It forces you to redefine who you are. To consolidate what you know about yourself. And to try to figure out where you want to be headed. In many ways, a new website – if done properly – is a watershed for a company. We hope this website is that for HCFmedia.

We’ve been here now for 6 years. We were nearly battered to extinction 3 years ago, and have managed to get a very tenuous grip on actually having a future as a company. We shall see what happens.

In the meantime…

The website is really just the capstone of things that are new here at HCF. Here’s a list:

  1. New Production Systems
  2. New Seattle office
  3. New camera
  4. New rental site
  5. New pricing packages
  6. New tag line
  7. New blog

…..and more.

We’ll be diving into each one of these in posts in the next two weeks because each one is REALLY exciting (at least to us).

As for this: the blog.

We’re doing a blog here that we hope will give people in the industry some honest insight about being a small production company, in a small town, that is trying to a) survive, and b) thrive. We think that the content of this blog, if done honestly and truly, will be somewhat helpful to other starting production companies, others working in the industry in various capacities who are not big times in hollywood (most of us), and to agencies and other companies that use services of companies like ours. I really only want to do this if I feel it is truly constructive to the industry. We will give it a shot. If it turns out we don’t feel like we have much to say, or it’s not starting off any good conversations for us and our community (both in Bellingham/Seattle and worldwide) than we will turn it off. The last thing the world needs is more blather! I also hope that the blog will serve internally for us a place to vet ideas with the public, to share people’s work whom we admire, and to help us in continually redefining ourselves and our objectives.

So enjoy the site. There is some really great new material from us here. Some great stories about the shoots we’ve produced over the last couple of years. And, somewhere in here is Donaldson’s Easter Egg – good luck!


Author: Max Kaiser

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