10 Reasons Why SCARLET-X Will Beat Canon C300 to a Pulp

Over here at the HCFmedia, we love all things RED.

Don’t even ask us why, they are just a very cool company, making excellent cameras far outside of the Sony/Panasonic/Canon stranglehold.

But, we all love our DSLR’s, yes? And, we were all waiting for the new DSLR from Canon that was going to knock our socks off, and bury RED.

Well, Canon finally came out with their C300 and RED came out with SCARLET and by and large all of the blogosphere (who usually HATE RED for whatever reason) are coming saying Canon is the winner. The price point is about the same at $16k or so complete.

They are saying that the Canon comes with everything you need, whereas with RED you have to put your package together and eventually the price would be a bit more than the Canon.

They are saying that people like shooting the DSLR format and don’t like shooting RED because it takes a lot of computing power.

They are saying that RED “lures” its customers into spending more and more money on “parts” for their cameras.

They are saying that the C300 will become the new standard.


These people must not be shooters themselves, or they must never have shot on a RED.

1) The #1 best thing about shooting RED, the most professional aspect, is being able to shoot all of your footage RAW and then process it however you want. This is a HUGE deal – Canon don’t do that. They shoot in 422, which locks you out of a lot of colorspace in post. This is a format of the past. (By the way, anyone who shoots DSLR know that the format stinks and is a pain.) SCARLET shoots in 444 RAW 4K.  Check out the data rates: SCARLET – 440MBS, CANON 50MBS. That’s a lot of data you’re not getting with Canon.

2) RED is about 1000 times cooler company to work with than Canon. When did you ever see Canon give a 75% discount to customers who upgraded their old cameras? NEVER. RED does this. I guess because Jannard is rich, or crazy – doesn’t matter – you benefit. Either way, so much for the “predatory” RED company.

3) SCARLET cameras can be Canon OR PL mount with interchangeable parts. Canon – you have to buy one or the other – this is 100% limiting and would be the end of it for most. Having the option allows you all sorts of different weights, lens expenses, etc.

4) SCARLET interchangeable parts are the BEST grade. There are no parts for the Canon – so you can’t grow the camera.

5) RED is considered PRO, no matter what they make. Coming on a big set with the Cx300 isn’t going to have the same catchet. Perhaps a minor point, but appearances matter.

6) RED is being constantly upgraded. I’m not talking about a once a year firmware upgrade like Canon might do. I’m talking about game-changing upgrades nearly every two weeks from RED. They had an upgrade at one point that increased the cameras sensor from 4k to 4.5k with R1 – I’d like to see that from Canon.

7) RED allows you in as a company. Last Spring I went to RED studios in LA with Koser and was able to hang out with the owner himself. By the end of it, we were exchanging posts on their extremely popular bulletin board that Jannard post to nearly every day (sometimes many, many times a day).

8) The Canon only outputs 1080p. A link to more on this here. I’m not totally a stickler on this stuff, but from reports, it appears that in output resolution the RED trumps.

9) RED is a little guy – just like me, just like you. I love working with the underdog. I get enough of the big guys in my banking, thank you. Visiting them, you get the sense they are cowboys, just making this up as they go along – seeing how big they can dream. Sound familiar?

10) My final proof. In the end to predict sales, etc., look around you. I know of two other people just here in little old Bellingham ALREADY that have put their money down on a SCARLET – I know of no one that is impressed enoug with what Canon is offering to put down cash. These guys were both DSLR guys. There are going to be 2 EPICS and 2 SCARLETs here in Bellingham, and lots more in Seattle. RED is starting to build a real, dedicated user base. Great things will happen with additions, etc. People who shoot WANT a RED because they are awesome work with, to handle, and the proof is in the pudding.

In the end, we’ll all keep our DSLRs for those midnight shoot under the radar in Bangladesh and India, but when we have the choice (and the budget) we’ll go for the RED.


Author: Max Kaiser

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