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Video That Gets Results

The most engaging videos and the smartest marketing available – we guarantee it.

Seattle + Bellingham

Easy. We have the process to get you from script to screen effortlessly.

Effective. We help you take that film and turn it into a content library.


Everywhere. We will help you put a plan in place to be sure your video connects with the right audiences— right away.

To be sure your content reaches time and time again, you need a partner and a plan. Together, we create a distribution strategy tailored to your specific audience.

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Get in the right frame of mind— Inspiration to get you started with video.

Case Study: TV vs. Online

In large scale and niche markets, television advertisements can be just as or more effective than an online advertising medium. For example, if you are a large brand that appeals to a large audience, say [...]

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“HCFmedia was amazing! Super professional, great at their craft and really approachable people. They listened to what we wanted and helped us create it. Thanks Max, for putting a great team together to help us. I’d recommend you to anyone!”

Mel P.

“HCFmedia was very professional and helpful when making my video. If I ever had a problem, they went out of their way to fix it. The final video was awesome! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”

Bryant D.

“We worked with HFCmedia to put together our annual event video. They took a complicated project… and created a beautiful and seamless final result. Max and his team were a pleasure to work with. They gave great suggestions, were responsive to feedback and got everything done in a timely matter despite a very tight timeline.”

Angeline T.

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